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Why Choose us

Eat Organic & Stay Healthy

We are at Simple Organic Food try best to promote healthy eating habits with our products like Honey , Shilajit , Jaggery Powder made from forest fresh and natural ingredients. We believe healthy food leads to healthy lifestyle.

Stronger Immune System

Our Organic Honey , Shilajit , Jaggery and Moringa Leaves Powder contains high rate of vitamins and minerals so as a result it helps to strengthen the human immune system.

Better In Taste

As organic food is always a healthier choice but a part from its health benefits organic food has a more different and obviously better taste from processed food products, hence our Desi Ghee proved that there is no competitor in its taste.

Free From Chemicals

We at Simple Organic Food maintained high standard of hygiene by not using preservatives and other harmfull chemical's in our products. Our main focus is to make healthy, natural and chemical free products.